2 Chronicles 7:14: “Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.”

Prayer – what a way to start the day! What a way to go through life – praying. We can easily say that we believe in the power of prayer. However, are we praying? Imagine being married to someone without communicating. We all know that this marriage is doomed to fail. There is a communication flow going on between Heaven and Earth, and we’re in that flow as we pray. Intercession is part of it, but I would venture to say that intercession is not the essential part of that communication flow.  Comparatively speaking – back to the marriage allegory – if our main communication was to give our spouse a To-Do-List every single day, we would find that this takes the joy out of any love relationship.

The communication flow between Heaven and Earth goes both ways: God speaks to us, and we listen; we speak to God, and He listens. Obviously it is easier to open our mouth and talk than to be quiet and listen. However, praying without listening is really pointless. We all have experienced those fruitless conversations that really are no conversations but mere monologues. One person does the talking, the other person’s job is to listen. Maybe occasionally the listener is asked for some feedback, but mostly this person is expected to be the sounding board.

God is no sounding board. While it is certainly OK to vent to Him and spill all our beans, prayer is a two-way-conversation. God wants to impress His wisdom. God wants to impress His peace.  God wants to give direction in our lives.  God wants to guide us. In order to receive direction from God we need an open mind, we need to be people seeking His attention. We need to be curious about the things God wants to say to us.  We need to ask Him questions as we read our Bibles. We need to be honest with Him.  Hiding anything from Him does not work.  Adam and Eve are a prime example. And if anyone has questions about God’s merciful attitude, just read up on the myriad of examples where God forgave and started over. It becomes really obvious that God wants to forgive and is ready to forgive; we just need to turn around, show our face to God and admit to our mistakes. And then we just keep the communication flow up.

So pray at all times – and never give up praying!

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