Psalm 19:1-2:“The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship. Day after day they continue to speak; night after night they make him known.”

“Skies” is a big word. Referring to space it could be the atmosphere around each planet there is. The skies referring to the Earth atmosphere form protective gas layers around the globe to absorb ultraviolet solar radiation, warming the surface through heat retention and thereby reducing temperature extremes between day and night. Air suitable for use in photosynthesis by terrestrial plants and breathing of terrestrial beings is found in Earth’s troposphere. While the Earth has a world of craftsmanship of its own, the whole universe is a huge advertising board of God’s craftsmanship with its 400 billion stars in our galaxy alone and about 2 trillion galaxies in the known universe.

Skies’ craftsmanship as seen with the naked eye or by telescope advertises God’s glory. So do the heavens; heavens of course can’t be detected by a telescope or microscope, but there have been occasions when God opens a window, and we get to see a glimpse. It happened when Jesus was born. In the second chapter of Luke’s gospel we read (Luke 2:8-10):

“That night there were shepherds staying in the fields nearby, guarding their flocks of sheep.  Suddenly, an angel of the Lord appeared among them, and the radiance of the Lord’s glory surrounded them. They were terrified, but the angel reassured them. ‘Don’t be afraid!’”

In all reality the two realms – skies and heavens – intersect, and believers become progressively sensitive to that as they get familiarized with God’s kingdom. Angels are all around us. Similar to the protective gas layers around the Earth, God’s creation has protective layers of angels fighting for us. Daniel wrote about fighting angels in his book. He had been mourning for three weeks after receiving a vision about the future of mankind.  God revealed times of war and great hardship to him; absorbing the news Daniel went into shock.

Let’s try to put ourselves in Daniel’s shoes for a minute: if we lived in his day and age, around 600 years before Jesus was born, and we would have received a vision of World War II – just as an example – complete with the terrors of Holocaust and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6, 1945 – imagine our state of mind! Daniel fasted and prayed in response to these disturbing visions. That led to one of those moments when God lifted the curtain to let us see what’s going on in the heavenly realm. Daniel was touched by an angel, and he records this experience in the 10th chapter of his book (Daniel 10:10-11):

“Just then a hand touched me and lifted me, still trembling, to my hands and knees. And the man said to me, ‘Daniel, you are very precious to God, so listen carefully to what I have to say to you.’”

The “man” Daniel is referring to apparently is an angel. The angel continues to speak to Daniel with the following message (Daniel 10:12-13):

“Don’t be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day you began to pray for understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your request has been heard in heaven. I have come in answer to your prayer. But for twenty-one days the spirit prince of the kingdom of Persia blocked my way. Then Michael, one of the archangels, came to help me, and I left him there with the spirit prince of the kingdom of Persia.”

This goes to show that more than one angel are fighting behind the scene. Heaven and Earth are interconnected; and besides fighting, both Heaven and Earth proclaim God’s glory, day after day, and night after night. God’s praise never shuts up, actually, it gains momentum with each person realizing what is going on and joining this huge choir. If you haven’t done it yet, I can only encourage you to do so because all of God’s creatures have a place in the choir, and you too belong!

“All God’s creatures got a place in the choir,
Some sing low and some sing higher,
Some sing out loud on the telephone wire,
Some just clap their hands or paws or anything they got.” Bill Staines


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