1 Samuel 10:26: “When Saul returned to his home at Gibeah, a band of men whose hearts the Lord had touched became his constant companions.”

God touched the hearts of a few contemporaries of Saul, and they would eventually become his close companions, a much-needed support for transitioning into a completely new government: Saul became the very first king of Israel. We can see God at work here as He touched the hearts of a group of men to help promote a change. As God moves human hearts so He moves human history.

God still touches hearts today – that’s one of His finest attributes – and He stirs us on a deeper level than any other touch we could experience.

It is an interesting fact that on a subatomic level two objects don’t actually meet. Even in special cases like in a collision where electrons co-mingle, the nuclei are not actually touching. They are simply sharing, with infinitely small space left between the atomic parts. So, while we can sense the human touch, separation on a subatomic level still remains; not so with God, however. His love reaches out with a touch defying the subatomic level. He is closer to you and me than a best friend could ever be.

This is how we know that God is real: the Holy Spirit is constantly at work, a still small voice that can be drowned out by the noise of everyday life, but is perceptible if we allow ourselves to settle down and hear what God has to say. As God spoke life over a troubled universe at the dawn of creation, so He can speak life over our troubled souls today. His Word has the power to revive and profoundly change us.

God deserves the full credit for a transformed human heart; incidentally, that’s the way God chooses to change the world: one human heart at a time!

God’s love is ultimately responsible for anything good happening. His love is the heartbeat of the universe. His love is the change agent that softens our hearts; and His love is the reason why humanity is still here. Unfortunately for us, we happen to be our own worst enemy. One can say that humanity has self-destructive tendencies when we look at the way we treat our planet and how we continue with ongoing armed conflicts all around the world. Looking into God’s history with mankind, we can see how He has intervened numerous times to protect us from ourselves.

Whether or not God’s activities go unnoticed, we all have experienced His love one way or another. His love is the real deal – if God says He loves you (and He does), you can take that to the bank. He means it. He is dead-serious about it. It’s a far cry from the fake love you might have experienced from someone who previously hurt you. God’s love is true. It’s authentic and beyond anything you can imagine. His love truly is the greatest love of all!

“He touched me, and suddenly nothing is the same” (BARBRA STREISAND)

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