Psalm 119: 57-58: “You are my portion, Lord; I have promised to obey your words. I have sought your face with all my heart; be gracious to me according to your promise.”

Psalm 119 is a remarkable piece of poetry! Divided into 22 subsections, each one begins with one of the successive letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The Heth-section of the Hebrew alphabet starts out with a profound statement (Psalm 119:57):

“You are my portion, Lord;”

The Lord is our portion, and with it we have everything. I find it interesting that the Lord is our portion and not the Earth that He gave us to inhabit. This is further expressed as we continue reading this particular paragraph (Psalm 119:64):

O Lord, your unfailing love fills the earth; teach me your decrees.”

The material world surrounding us is filled with God’s unfailing love, so when we seek His face we really do not have to go very far. We can see His love everywhere. We can detect His love in the rising and setting Sun. Before Sunrise I love to sit out on the porch. Are you familiar with the saying: “Tomorrow is another day?” That pretty much summarizes how I feel at dawn. As long as the Sun rises, there is hope!

If Sunrise was a theater play, then the Sun would be the main character. Before the Sun shows her face we can already detect her preceding light on the horizon. Depending on the amount of cloud cover, the filtered light showcases a wide variety of ever changing color tones, an astounding light symphony in the skies! Colors arrange themselves from violet hues to pink, from orange to golden, until in brilliant white the Sun finally appears, rising like a queen. I like to call the Sun “Drama Queen” since she uses so many different light effects on her Daily Show.

Witnessing the passing beauty of a Sunrise or Sunset, I always want it to last just a little while longer. Many artists freeze this moment in time by capturing the spectacle on canvas or on film, however, the original is quite unbeatable! The show may be over quickly at the break of dawn or at the end of the day, but other shows are yet to come! Ever noticed that no Sunrise or Sunset equals another? Thankfully, our Creator has been extremely innovative that way. To our benefit, He gives us a new version every day.

My take-away from these simple observations is that in the midst of chaos beauty still shows its face. All we have to do is pick up on it. God’s love letter is written in the skies with every glorious Sunset and Sunrise, with the bright stars twinkling at us, with every flower unfolding in the dust, with every loving word spoken, and with every act of kindness as a token of God’s never-changing and unfailing love.

“I see Your face in every sunrise

The colors of the morning are inside Your eyes” Phil Wickham

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