1 John 3:18: “Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.”

This is a letter to the cynics, to all the people disappointed and burnt by love.

“I love you” are three consequential words. The Lord Almighty speaks and lives these three words every second of the day, and His love leaves distinctive footprints wherever He goes – for us to discover.

If followed by action, “I love you” will initiate the most heartbreaking, heavy-lifting, heavy-duty, and daring adventure there is. There’s no detour out of the mess called “love”. Love is messy because the object of our love is either challenged: all human beings are – or the object of our love is holy: God, that is.

If we human beings love the Holy One and our unholy human counterparts, then there’s no telling which part of our loving is more challenging: to love the holy or the unholy. It’s bad enough to be disappointed over and over by people who are precious but selfish by nature, but if we have loved the Holy One at any length of time, we also know that this entails quite a bit of bewilderment on our part. God is God, and He is no human being. Loving Him is like being dropped on an unknown planet. God does not respond like humans do. God speaks, and His Words have seven different meanings. God is always right, and we, most likely, are always wrong. Try to explain God, and here’s another frustration coming our way: nobody can explain Him, but that does not mean we would give up trying to understand Him. We won’t because that’s how we get closer to God.

Love is the messiest thing between Heaven and Earth. If we’re lovesick, heartbroken, at the end of the line with people and frustrated with God, we should do ourselves a favor and take Time Out; however, under no circumstances should we think about quitting. We don’t give up on people, and we don’t give up on God. Love may get on our very last nerve, take our very last reserves, may turn us into a different person and drive us absolutely crazy, and yet, love is the most precious thing there is. If in doubt, let’s convince ourselves to hold on just a little bit longer, because better days are ahead. Nothing is as bad as it seems – that’s conventional wisdom!

Mr. and Ms. Cynic, whatever you end up doing, and wherever you end up going, you certainly do yourself a great favor by not dropping out of the game called “Love”. Regardless what you’ve been through, regardless how bad you feel: don’t give up on this one thing that ultimately holds you together.

Come what may, my friend – never give up on love!

“And I want to walk with you
On a cloudy day
In fields where the yellow grass grows knee-high
So won’t you try to come

Come away with me and we’ll kiss
On a mountaintop
Come away with me
And I’ll never stop loving you”
            Norah Jones

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