James 1:5: “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

The first step to gaining wisdom is asking for advice. Of course, we are none the wiser if we ask the wrong person for advice, but still the first step is asking. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? I used to have a hard time realizing that I needed help. It didn’t occur to me to talk to someone until I was in the middle of a real problem.

Asking is involving. When my husband and I were working on our music album in 2019, we collaborated with a studio crew from different parts of the world. Besides US musicians we had artists recording from Europe and Canada. Songs were being shaped. Instruments were chosen. We had never done this sort of collaboration before. Our production manager on the other hand had been working in recording studios for nearly 20 years, and so we asked him many questions and valued his input.

God was here before mankind was created and has more experience than all of us combined. He knows everything. Why should we wait with our questions until the bigger problems begin to roll in? It is mostly the little things that trip us up. The devil lies in the details. God will give us all the wisdom we need when we approach Him.

Let’s not be too proud to ask for help. It hurts us more not to ask.

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