Genesis 5:23-24: “Enoch lived 365 years walking in close fellowship with God. Then one day he disappeared, because God took him.”

If we had a chance to talk to Enoch and asked him how he felt about his life on Earth, chances are that his answer would be:

“Years just flew by. Looking back, life feels real short – more like 365 days instead of years!”

Some people say that life feels like a brief second. – Enoch could have said that life feels like a brief year, LOL!

Jokes aside; Enoch’s existence has left us a great legacy: apparently, as long as he lived, he walked through life’s hills and dales in close fellowship with God. Monday through Sunday, rain or shine, he clung to his Rock!

It’s when we’re on our own that we usually get lost. We need landmarks; we need a tour guide; we need a roadmap to make it through unknown territory; life – if anything – is unknown territory the minute we are born. Growing up, we remember our past, we know where we are today and maybe we know where we’re headed, but we never know what the future holds; God who holds the future is well equipped to navigate us through life’s pitfalls and changes. And here is one major pitfall – the mother of all changes – our eviction!

Whether we’re comfortable or uncomfortable in our bodies –the sobering truth is that we don’t own them; they are leased to us, much like a home we rent. Some people take good care of their rental; some are a little more negligent. Death is rude and comes uninvited. We may receive an eviction notice when we’re diagnosed with a terminal disease. Or death may happen in a snap of a second in an unforeseen event, a freak accident – nobody knows. What we do know: when our lease is up, we will move out of our bodies for good.

Walking with the Lord, we’ve already been through various leaps of faith, big or small. That’s what happens as we walk with Him. The exodus from our bodies, while a traumatic event, really represents yet another leap of faith. If Jesus has left any footprints in our hearts and minds, the prospect of death won’t terrify us too deeply. The best part of our passing: we will finally get to meet Him in person. We have become familiar with His voice. Now we get to see His face! He has been our Friend all along. Now we move into His neighborhood! Jesus has left us with a powerful promise, which John penned down in his gospel for everyone to hear (John 14:2):

“My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?”

The answer to His question is no. Jesus would not tell us a lie about heaven. He is from heaven and so we can assume that His report is authentic and reliable. We do well to believe in Him!

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