Isaiah 25:1: “Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.”

Isaiah is stunned. Whatever happened in his life has put him in wonder and awe. He got a little glimpse of God’s workings behind the scene.

Maybe we haven’t realized until recently how God has His hand in current events. God has a great mind and things happening in our lives are premeditated. This is where it gets weird sometimes – if we expect something in particular, I can guarantee you, God does not necessarily act based on human input. He has had His plan all along, which He will execute in His own good time. Another weird thing is to blame God for certain things that did or didn’t happen. I have long given up on the notion to see the devil behind every bush or to think everything is God’s doing.

We all wear blinders when it comes to the spiritual world. God is the One who opens our eyes so we can see more than just the physical world around us. He can move our hearts so we feel led to do something, or our minds open up and we have the answer to a riddle, or he opens a door for us that we haven’t been able to locate and a dream comes true, or He can make His presence known in such a way that it is tangible. All of that is based on God’s taking away the veil that is hanging right in front of our spiritual eyes. God helps us see. And that’s what got Isaiah excited. He saw something that God showed Him.

Whatever it is that God reveals to you, it’s a reason to celebrate. Thanking God for the wonderful things He has done, multiplies the blessings. As we praise Him, we are in the company of angels, prophets, and the Son of
God who left us His prayer: “Hallowed be Thy name – may Your name be honored”.

Thanking God we honor Him, and honoring Him He honors us with His presence.

Whenever God shines His light on me, opens up my eyes so I can see! (Van Morrison)

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