1 John 3:16: “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.”

The ABC of love is to care. Jesus laying down His life for us shows that He cares.

It’s a beautiful revelation to realize that Jesus exists. It’s wonderful to experience His vibrant love. And yes, that’s worth celebrating! Heaven throws a party every time a human being gets the message and joins the kingdom of God. But this is not a Happy End. The beauty of the story of salvation is that the story never ends. The love we receive we give away, and then it multiplies. And on and on it goes, like a domino effect.

God’s love has been brought to light when the mystery of His salvation was unearthed with Jesus’s appearance here on planet Earth. How God saved the world is His privilege to choose. Our privilege is to choose whether or not we accept His salvation. If we do, our life story takes an important turn. We’re no longer on the sidelines watching or on the fast lane beating our competition. We’re on the road to Heaven, and we share this road with people we call our brothers and sisters. We’re coming from all walks of life, but we are all headed in the same direction.

The trip to Heaven is a one way trip – there’s no turning back. If we choose to go back, we will find that our old life is not the way we remembered it.

The trip to Heaven is a group effort. We will always see others in various stages of the journey. We can learn from them, we can share our joy and pain, and we can be an encouragement.

We’re all in the same boat, and Jesus is our captain.

Approaching Easter season, we celebrate the sacrifice Jesus made, and rightly so! Heaven remembers. Creation remembers. What Jesus has done is astounding, and we get to celebrate His life every Easter!

If we had an interview with Jesus, and we would ask Him what accomplishment He is most excited about, I think He would talk about the wonderful results of the cross.

While His death on the cross rattled the universe, and the shock waves of His resurrection are still in motion, I don’t believe that Jesus wants us to stop there. If Heaven gets excited about every single person embracing Jesus for the first time, then why would it be strange to think that our Savior is most interested in the people He saved? Heaven rejoices when our Savior finds one of His lost sheep. Maybe Heaven realizes more than we do how profoundly every child of God changes this world making the whole universe a better place.

Hallelujah, Jesus laid down His life for us! As we come under His umbrella, now we begin to look at the world around us with different eyes. Laying down our lives for our brothers and sisters is a direct result from the cross: Jesus’s love multiplied.

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