Romans 5:10: “For if, while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life!”

Nations have always competed against each other by using advanced weaponry to win the war. In this day and age, however, there is no winning the war without completely trashing our planet if we use all the resources we’ve got. Thanks to the invention of the atom bomb, nations keep each other in check by sheer threat of warfare. The goal is to never ever have to push the button!

Just as the atom bomb has changed the face of warfare, the story of the cross has changed the face of human history. Both Jesus’s death and resurrection have profound implications to creation in general and to you and me in particular.

Estranged from God, Heaven had become a faint concept. In our natural minds, we could not relate to the Godhead anymore. God was invisible to us and seemed a million miles away. So much so, that it was easier to explain Him away than trying to find Him.

And yet, without God, all we’ve got are our five senses. Without God, we’re the only ones in charge of our destiny. It’s up to us to determine what is best for us. We’re on our own navigating through the maze and trip-falls of life. Without our connection to God, the biggest challenge is loneliness. At the end of the day, we’ll find that our connection with other human beings is no substitute for knowing our Creator.

Then Easter happened, and with that our entire outlook on life has dramatically changed. Jesus’s death and resurrection removed the threat of being hopelessly lost. His death on the cross spells forgiveness for everything that went wrong cancelling the entire load of guilt and shame accumulated over the years and giving us a new chance to live life connected to God. Heaven is wide open!

In his letter to the Romans, Paul wrote about the wonder of Jesus’s death and resurrection. He basically said, if Jesus’s death brings blessing to mankind, how much more will His life! Dying on the cross, Jesus satisfied the Law. Rising from the grave, He conquered death once and for all. These are two major accomplishments by the Son of God: the former freeing us from guilt, the latter setting us up for eternal life – which Paul thinks is the best gift of all. The opportunities arising from our friendship with God are limitless!

No one is happier about the results of the cross than God Himself. He loves us so much! What a treasure trove to discover His heart and to dig deeper every day! More and more we’ll get to know Him, and one day we will see Him face to face.

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