Hebrews 7:25: “Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.”

Saving in God’s world is an ongoing process. I’m not talking about saving money here – which can also be an ongoing process – I’m addressing the issue of redemption. Whoever wrote this letter to the people group called Hebrews, knew that saving a person is not a one-time-affair.

This letter is addressed to an ethnic group. Transport the author to this day and age and imagine him or her addressing a letter to a certain people group – let’s say to the Native American people for instance. I believe the only way that would go over well is by being Native American, thereby addressing fellow Native Americans in a personal letter. And I believe that’s the case here: a Hebrew is addressing fellow Hebrews.

So, what’s the word, bird? Of all things, the Hebrew author is broaching the subject of salvation – well, talking about a loaded topic here! It’s the one topic the whole world seems to be disagreeing on, starting with the question as to whether or not we need to be saved, and, if we needed saving, how to be saved. Yep – no easy discussion! Should you ever bring up “salvation” in an otherwise friendly exchange of thoughts, that conversation could quickly turn sour!

Looking at the language of this letter we quickly understand that insider vocabulary is used. It’s like family talk. We are using language with our siblings or close relatives that we wouldn’t apply with strangers. When a Hebrew talks about priesthood a certain picture comes to mind. Priests were understood as mediators who stood between God and people interceding on their behalf. That’s where the author of the letter is honing in by saying we have a perfect mediator in heaven who intercedes for us daily.

Let’s forget about racial boundaries for a while – whether or not we’re Hebrew with a priesthood or people that skirt rituals and priests altogether – and think about having a strong advocate who intercedes on our behalf. Isn’t this a thing of great value? Well, apparently, God thinks so. The Son of God, Jesus fulfills that role. I dare say, we can all use someone who has our backs, and if that “Someone” is the Son of God, what strong advocacy this would be!

So back to my original thought: God saves us every day! He can do that because He sees things coming our way that we don’t have the faintest idea about. All the while He checks our body temperature, the numbers of hair we carry on our bodies, our current mood – you get the picture. God knows everything about us and He uses that to our advantage.

It gives me a sense of relief realizing that Jesus watches out for me. And you know what? I find it liberating to know that I don’t have to be perfect. Jesus has my back. I love that about Him!

God has big hands not just for saving but most importantly for holding us. We are very important to Him. Think about that: The One whose hands hold the universe holds you and me close to His heart.

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