Luke 19:10: “For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.”

There are many ways to get lost. Case in point, this morning I got lost on a face that I’ve been painting. I’m in the process of portraying a friend of mine. I have a photograph of her and her dog who smile into the camera, cheek to cheek. She calls him her “Boyfriend Dog” and this boyfriend dog of hers clearly adores her. I got intrigued with this picture and now I’m trying to capture this scene … and I got lost in her face! Probably more than 50 times I changed her chin line, her eyes, her twinkles, the curve of her mouth, her hair line, her complexion, her nose, you name it. Still, it’s not her face. This is driving me absolutely crazy … at which point I had to let it go and start writing this blog about getting lost.

Getting lost is really not that unusual. How we react to it is another matter. The goal is not to get stuck. Obviously, in my case, I need help – I need another human being who can point me in the right direction. And this works in other cases too. Has your GPS ever directed you to a dead end? Ask a local. Stuck in repair work and not getting anywhere with your project? Ask an expert. If we’re lost we need input. The trick is not to be oblivious about it – as in a state of denial – or too proud to ask.

Well, here is something that I find quite unusual: We have a God who goes out of His way to find the lost. God is calling a search party to scoop up the aimless wanderers who just can’t figure out their way home. We all belong. We have an innate GPS that confirms that somewhere, somehow we belong and it’s not necessarily our family, our home country, our jobs, our abilities and talents where we feel at home. That’s just part of it. That’s like me gathering the facts of my friend’s face and putting it to paper, which still doesn’t make it quite her face. The essence of her is still missing.

We have a core being that senses home turf as soon as we enter it. Our home turf is heaven. There is nothing like it. There are lots of things close to it – it feels like heaven, but it’s only for a brief moment. Fleeting heaven is no heaven. Our core being seeks permanency and wants to be anchored. So, there’s a mighty challenge that everybody faces. Thankfully, God perpetually seeks and finds the lost. And let me tell you, it’s great to be found!

Everybody has a story. Mine is ongoing as everybody else’s. I’m privileged to have been found by God. He scooped me up when I was a teenager. This was not a happy ending, it was a happy beginning. Like everybody else I had to go through some tough times and made stupid mistakes, but I was never alone. I’ve been carried through the worst while being consoled and at peace going through loss. My core being is already at home. And when my time comes, I will recognize that face when I see Jesus for the first time.

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