Romans 12:15: “Be happy with those who are happy. Be sad with those who are sad.”

A young boy rose to the occasion. They were in the middle of nowhere. It was a spontaneous gathering of people who had followed a certain teacher for a while. Clearly, the crowd was fascinated with His teachings. They hung on every word that came out of His mouth. People could sense that Heaven was open.

Then the gathering came to a close, and here they were, in the middle of the desert. No food, no water, nothing as far as the eye could see! A young boy got up and handed his lunch to Jesus: a few fish, some bread. And then, what happened? Everybody got fed!

As Jesus multiplied bread and fish an unnamed boy decided to donate, that’s how our joy multiplies when we share our happiness with one another. Here is the bottom line: we get more when we share. This might be a paradox, and yet it’s true.

Happiness is meant to be experienced together, and then it multiplies. Sharing our time, our gifts, our affections, we will find that we suddenly have more time, more gifts to give and more love to share. On the other hand, if we share our sorrows and grief with others our pain is a little less hard to bear.

Sharing our joy and grief with other people is the healthiest thing we can do. There is no such thing as a Lone Ranger in the kingdom of God. Sharing is key!

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