Hebrews 6:10: “God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.”

Bad movies are usually set up with a flawless hero and a super-bad anti-hero with no shred of goodness left. This is a figment of our imagination. There is no such thing as one-dimensional people. People are many things, which is why it is not easy to judge them. I dare say that our judgement calls are flawed. God on the other hand is our perfect judge. Without prejudice and knowing the entire picture, He is the only One who understands our actions and knows us through and through.

The person who sat down and wrote a letter to a people called “Hebrews” was probably steeped in Jewish culture and knew all the hot button issues. One of those topics: Judgement and Justice. Even when all we see is blurry lines, God, like a skilled surgeon, cuts through those gray zones and delivers a perfect verdict. A person so judged is perfectly understood. Actions are not just exposed as they appear to be; its intentions are also laid bare. Sometimes bad things happen with good intentions. Sometimes good things are motivated by selfishness and deceit. Weighing one against the other, God’s mercies come to full fruition.

God is as merciful as He is justice-oriented. On one hand we have His brilliant mind, profound wisdom and impeccable discernment, and on the other His mercies show up every single morning. God sends rain to the good and bad, which is something we tend to grapple with.

I believe there is a reason that God’s name is “I am”. He Is Who He Is, Has Been, And Going To Be. He fits no box. However, if we need a more descriptive name, here it is: God is love. All of His actions, including His judgment calls, are motivated by love. His intentions towards us are always good. God does not judge us to condemn. He bears in mind where we are coming from and goes from there when He interacts with us. He never forgets anything good we’ve come up with. He wants us to thrive, so anything He does on our behalf is growth-oriented. That’s the God we are dealing with!

Sometimes it’s helpful to remember how God interacts with us when we’re about to lose our patience. It’s thanks to God’s patience that we’re still here; and our patience towards another human being will indeed go a long way!

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