1 Chronicle 29:9: “The people rejoiced at the willing response of their leaders, for they had given freely and wholeheartedly to the Lord. David the king also rejoiced greatly.”

The love of God is generous in nature. I’m sure the word “stingy” is not even included in Heaven’s vocabulary.

Depicted in the first book of Chronicles, King David had inspired his people as he went ahead and donated all his resources, even dedicating his personal treasures to the building of the temple. This was a happy day for King David. An outpouring of generosity marked this very special occasion. Everybody chipped in with gifts.

Common pitfall for humans is to hold back. I guess, we’re rather safe than sorry. There is such a thing as generosity abuse, but it only happens when the love circle is broken.

Circle of love, here it is: God loves us generously, and we love God generously. It would disturb the love circle if we loved any less. The love circle breaks as soon as one recipient of love holds back. When one party only gives and the other party only takes, the reciprocity of love is undermined, and that sucks the life out of any love relationship.

It’s like magic: the more we love, the more love we have to give. God knows this secret. He has lavished His love upon His creation since the beginning of time, and He is famous for His unfailing love. God’s love bucket is always full to overflowing, and He does not hold back. Under His wings life flourishes.

Generosity stirs up more generosity. This is what happened on King David’s happy day. He generously devoted all he had to the One he loved with all of his heart – and the crowd followed in his footsteps.

May the Lord of Life and Love stir you up and move you to respond with the love language you’ve got. Love translates into many diverse transactions – whether it’s giving of your time, your expertise, your talent – each giving experience is unique and special but has this one thing in common: all love transactions are coming straight from the heart.

Heart to heart – that’s how we are connected to the Lord Almighty, and that’s how we are all interconnected. The blood flow of interconnection is generosity.

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