Isaiah 49:15: “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!”

Inspired by my singing experience for Memory Care patients, I wrote a poem this morning. Here goes:

I forgot my brain today
I must have left it in the kitchen sink
From there it went through the strainer
And continued into the City sewage
I think this must be why
The language coming out of my mouth
Smells suspiciously
And I guess that’s why
I feel so miserable
Just like a piece of shit.

Lord help me
Where did my brain go?
Tell me, where did my brain go?

I don’t remember your name
Please don’t take that the wrong way
There are talking heads around me
They feel like misplaced keys
Everything seems out of place these days
What day is today?
And who is the President of the United States?
Who cares?
I don’t even remember how I got here. 

Lord help me
Where did my brain go?
Tell me, where did my brain go?

I can see it in their eyes
When I sing my song
They hate what I have become
With my memory gone
Let me tell you
Without words and rhyme
Even if you don’t recognize me anymore
It’s still me
I’m still here
I’m not that far gone
You can still hold me
You can still touch me
My brain left me
Don’t leave me too.

Lord help me
Where did my brain go?
Tell me, where did my brain go?

I’m placed with the lost and found
Aimlessly wandering around
Our frail bodies bear precious cargo
When our bodies fail
Where does the cargo go?
My soul needs a place to stay
How do I get there if I forgot how to pray?
God scoops me up at the end of the day
Even if I don’t remember
Thank God – He remembers me anyway.

When our brain function deteriorates we may forget who we are. But does that really mean we cease to exist? I believe the essence of us is not tied to our brains, and by the way, it’s not tied to our physical appearance either. The essence of who we are is tied to our Creator, and let me tell you: He does not think poorly of you and me. He thinks of us like a parent, like a mother and father combined.

We are always on God’s mind. Yes, we are always on His mind! And even if we forget God, He never forgets us.

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