Psalm 40:8: “I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart.”

Broken pieces scattered all over the floor – the result of me putting together a gingerbread house! Trying to follow instructions, I built this little house that was supposed to be held together by gooey sugar paste. Clearly, that didn’t work out! We sometimes make a mess of things because we rely on our weakness rather than on our God-given strengths. I’m not exactly crafty, so you get the picture!

Not unlike my failed gingerbread house, this world is badly broken and hurts in many places, but it’s still a world full of wonder and beauty. A lot has to do with God’s restorative power. The reason for passion, love and life is God’s Spirit blowing around the world igniting new ideas, openness, friendships, peace, and hope. He is able to raise the proverbial Phoenix from the ashes. He puts us back together, broken as we are, when we make a mess of things and are at the end of our rope.

The world we see around us is based on God’s ability to see in the dark. God had a vision when there was nothing yet to be seen (Genesis 1:2):

Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

God took nothing and made something. Only God can do that. He is simply good at everything. Technically, He does not need anybody’s help, doesn’t he? And yet, apparently, He decided one day that He does not want to do things on His own. So here we are today. We are invited to partner up with God, can you believe it? He wants to do stuff with us. He wants to build a bright future. God has so many things in mind, and amazingly we are included in His plans.

Recognizing that we are building a better life in God’s company, the psalmist David wanted God’s laws of life written deep into his heart. He desired to be close to the Holy One who in turn longs to be near. God is not far from us. He is more involved in our lives than we often give Him credit.

Essentially, our desire to be with God gives us wings. Together we set out to create something new. We contribute to beauty in this world, and we also contribute to making things around us better. The eternal flame, the Spirit of God, is alive and well in us when we walk with Him.

Jesus has many names. “Prince of Peace” is one. “Wonderful” is another. Opening our hearts to Mr Wonderful, we have God’s law of life deeply embedded into our hearts. And what a beautiful thing that is!

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