Psalm 119:18: “Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.”

The Bible is a mysterious book. I remember as a young kid I liked reading its poetic ancient texts. Song of Songs, written by King Solomon, stood out to me. I thought this is a remarkable piece of poetry. Growing up in an agnostic household, nobody read the Bible with me at the time. So I was on my own exploring it.

When I turned 17, someone at our high school led a home Bible study and asked me if I wanted to come and join them. Accepting the invitation marked the beginning of a shift in what the Bible meant to me. I had been wondering whether or not God exists.

The home Bible study I attended was led by students. They discussed a letter the Apostle Paul had written to the Corinthians; I do not remember exactly what they were talking about. But all throughout the conversations happening on that wintry afternoon a small voice whispered deep down in my heart: it’s true. God is real.

Not sure how else to put this: The Bible is alive. It breathes God’s Spirit. It reveals the truth. Translated into almost every contemporary language spoken on this planet, its message went all around the world. This was my very first clue that God exists: the Bible spoke to me, and a piece of poetry all of a sudden turned into something more potent.

The Bible unlocks and spreads the secret that God is alive. Now that the secret was out, to me the Bible has become the most interesting piece of literature there is. I’ve been studying it ever since.

I think King David is smart in asking God to open His eyes. We have eyes that may be able to see the things around us; or we may be vision-impaired and have trouble seeing; or we may be legally blind and don’t see a thing. There is a second set of eyes that God has given us. Those eyes can see into the spiritual world. God is the only One privileged to open our spiritual eyes. Without His help we would all be spiritually blind.

We pray with King David to open the eyes of our heart, and we will see things we have never seen before.

“Open the eyes of my heart Lord, I want to see you” Paul Baloche

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