1 Chronicles 16:8: “Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done.”

I’m getting misty-eyed this morning – The first book of Chronicles contains the first Bible verse I have ever blogged about. It was in 2016, and this is what I wrote:

“Bragging about the Lord!  Here is a Bible verse that talks about broadcasting worldwide what the Lord has accomplished.  In today’s day and age with Internet access readily available this could be easily done, and we have been posting on Social Media on a regular basis; but now Bill and I would like to create a blog where we can post a Bible verse, elaborate on its meaning, and share with anybody who also likes to think about the Bible. This would be our very first blog. Let’s see where this takes us!”

Years later after this entry I’ll say this: Sitting down and thinking about a Bible verse is an experience that I don’t want to miss. The Lord knows His own Word, and He also knows what He wants to say to you and me. Unless we set aside time to meet Him it won’t happen.  Studying the Bible records, going through Paul’s letters, the gospels, David’s psalms, Isaiah’s prophecies, the five books of Moses, is special.

Some of us may think: why is it so special? – Generations of believers have read the Bible; there is nothing special about it. – Exactly! The fact that generations of believers have read the Bible and it still gives us new insight as we dig into it, is very special. The Bible is no old hat. It’s as alive as the Lord.

Proclaiming the Lord’s greatness – I initially thought the Internet could do that; however, the Internet is a very impersonal medium. Nothing beats personal delivery! What I came to realize though is that habitual blogging about the Lord has blessed me in many ways. I strongly believe the world changes one person at a time. Inasmuch blogging about the Lord has blessed me the world around me will be blessed too, starting a domino effect of good things happening. That’s the power of the Internet in my case.

Yesterday I went outdoors and admired the colors of fall. I often look at something beautiful outside and then jokingly say to the Lord: “Stop bragging!” Well, He won’t! He can’t help Himself – everything He created is so good! God is brilliant. He does not need to speak to us, He could just let His work speak for itself. And yet, He does not stop talking. His Word is like gentle rain that softens hardened callouses in our hearts.

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