1 John 4:9: “This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.”

God has a myriad of ways to show His love. The outdoors are His love letter. I sometimes think, the more we stay indoors, the more we get removed from His handiwork. Step outside for a minute, wherever you are, and look at the skies above. Whatever you see is awesome. God shows His love in His awesomeness.

God has shown His love among us in a very unique way: He sent His Son into the world – what a great way of getting in touch! God sought to become part of mankind; and the rest is history.

God sent His Son into the world so we can get rooted into the kingdom of Heaven; our fruits show where our roots are. If we have root rot, then there will be hardly any fruit; if the soil is unforgiving and we lack nutrients, then there will be barely any foliage to speak of. Rooted in the kingdom of God, however, we will thrive and our foliage and fruit will be plenty.

God sent His Son into the world so we understand what eternal life is all about; the way Jesus lived is an open book for everyone to read. In fact, even without being acquainted with Jesus His words ring true to a lot of people. His Sermon on the Mount is a wonderful example. Life gains momentum when we read and internalize His message of peace. As the Prince of Peace, Jesus is the authority on the subject; I personally believe that our peacemaking efforts will have a more lasting effect if we actually have met the Prince of Peace in person and believe in Him.

God sent His Son into the world so we might live through Him. Jesus opens our eyes to God’s world. Our hearts expand as we let the Savior in. This is a mystery, but so is His appearing in the flesh. How could God turn into a human being? Well, nothing is impossible to Him, which works out in our favor. God brought Himself in front of our doorsteps. He is more interested in being our next-door neighbor than being a remote deity that nobody knows. Our mysterious God wants to be known. That is why He came; that is why He walked around in a human body. Jesus is the invisible God made visible and the embodiment of His love.

God cares.

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