John 3:17: “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”

In the drift sand of anarchy and lawlessness mankind has no chance of survival. I believe this is the reason why the law was given to mankind; it is basically our crutch to lean on. Still, the law does not bring us salvation.

Every day people pass judgment or are being judged; however, the only perfect judge of a situation or a human being is God. And although God is a fair judge, we do not benefit from His keen understanding of our infractions and shortcomings because His verdict for sin is death. Thankfully, the Lord is the first One to lament the finality of this judgment. That is why God sent His Son into the world – particularly not to judge the world – since judgment obviously initiates no happy ending – God sent His Son into the world to restore and save humanity.

God’s passion for us is an undying flame. His divine love declaration is written in the skies. God looks for the lost, and His call goes all around the world. Given all the effort He has invested, can you imagine His joy and relief when we answer His call and grab His hand?

Saving us is no easy business. It requires blood, sweat and tears, but feeling guilty about that would be against the Lord’s intentions. If we asked Jesus how He feels about us after all that He has been through on the cross, He would probably say, the last thing He wants for us is to feel guilty all the time. His gift comes with absolutely no strings attached. We make Him happiest when we accept His wonderful gift and never look back.

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