1 Chronicles 29:9: “The people rejoiced at the willing response of their leaders, for they had given freely and wholeheartedly to the Lord. David the king also rejoiced greatly.”

Depicted in the first book of Chronicles, King David had inspired his people as he went ahead and donated all of his resources, even dedicating his personal treasures to the building of the temple. This was a happy day for King David. An outpouring of generosity marked this very special occasion. Everybody chipped in with gifts. Generosity can stir up even more generosity. King David devoted all he had to the One he loved with all of his heart – and the crowd followed in his footsteps.

God’s generosity prominently shows up in nature. We have three fruit trees in our backyard. Last season our trees produced so much fruit, we could have fed our entire neighborhood – certainly, we could not eat it all. So we called over our neighbors and friends asking them to take as much as they liked.

God is generous and so is His love. I am sure the word “stingy” is not even included in heaven’s vocabulary. Common pitfall for humans is to hold back. I guess, we are rather safe than sorry; even though holding back and closing up like an oyster leads to isolation and we are never “safe” in isolation.

The more love we share, the more love we have. God knows this secret. He has lavished His love upon His creation since the beginning of time, and He is famous for His unfailing love. God’s love bucket is always full to overflowing, and He does not hold back. Under His wings life flourishes.

May the Lord of Life and Love stir us up and move us to respond generously when we see a need.  Just a moment ago my husband and I were watching our cat showing his belly to a neighbor, offering her to pet him. Our cat Buddy is very generously spreading his love. We all have something to contribute. Needs are diverse and so are we. Let loose of your talents, gifts and expertise. If nothing else, give of your time. Time is a precious commodity.

Heart to heart – that’s how we are connected to the Lord and this is how we are all interconnected. The blood flow of interconnection is generosity.

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