Psalm 138:8: “The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me. Lord, your love is eternal; do not abandon the work of your hands.”

Broken pieces; a pile of rubble; chaos; nothing seems to make much sense.

Life can be a puzzle sometimes – our lives are strangely unorthodox with curve-balls flying, flawed decisions backfiring, raw emotions taking its toll. All the while God works behind the scenes. We may not see it, but in the end things resolve for a believer. All we need is faith.

Faith is a weird thing, kind of a balancing act between doing something and waiting things out. Faith creates optimism; we don’t know which kind of happy ending awaits us after the show is over, but we do know it’s going to be a happy ending. We might as well enjoy the ride!

Human beings have been the Wildcard in God’s universe. On countless occasions and all throughout history, God has shown His mercy and patience. He is the Healer of broken hearts; at the same time, God is an accomplished Artist. He knows how to make things beautiful.

Trusting in God – this means having faith in the One who can turn things around. God doesn’t just overrule a bad situation and – poof! Abracadabra – turns it into something completely different. He takes our broken pieces and builds something exquisite with it. He creates, protects and endorses life. God never throws a life away. He hates to see us go to waste.

Our triune God is dedicated to making things better; that is why Jesus is our Savior. The Lord is life giver, but most importantly to me: He is Life restorer.

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