Matthew 4:4: “Jesus answered, ‘It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

Jesus expressed on more than one occasion that we don’t live on bread alone. Carbs are not it. Our complex soul demands a different diet: God’s precious words. It is essential to our soul’s well-being that we hear them and know them well, while it is detrimental to our sanity to go through life without paying attention to what God has to say.

While physical needs and cravings have a tendency to be on the forefront of our mind, the silence of not hearing from God is quite deafening, and our soul within us will eventually rebel against it. Born with an innate need to communicate, we want to be heard and understood. Searching for profound connection, we come alive when we receive God’s message.

Our soul withers in isolation while it thrives on adoration. Adoration goes both ways: We adore our Creator and our Creator adores us. Focusing our adoration towards another human being quickly becomes an obsession and will hurt us in the end, since nobody is without flaw. One is: God is perfect, and our soul craves perfection.

Following our soul’s desire is the sensible thing to do. God communicates. He can speak to us through other people (who mostly have no idea that God is using them) and He sometimes speaks to us through unforeseen events. One morning my husband Bill woke up from a strange dream: An uprooted tree crashed down right in front of him. It wasn’t long thereafter that my professional situation changed and we had to move. I believe Bill’s dream was God’s way of preparing us for an upcoming change.

The communication flow between heaven and earth is a conversation between two worlds. There is a definite language barrier. Not unlike foreign dignitaries who come with an interpreter, the Holy Spirit translates God’s thoughts into human language. He keeps the communication flow going between God and mankind, which I find truly remarkable.

In case you were wondering, God hasn’t stopped talking. The drumbeat of His heart sends shock-waves all across the universe. He expresses His love continuously because that’s who He is: God is love and He loves us dearly – which is the central message He has for you and me.

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