Psalm 119:114: “You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word.”

From the Trinity flows eternal encouragement and good hope. And good hope is what we need. False hope or no hope is devastating.

Life can be quite overwhelming sometimes. My husband Bill and I have been out of work since the beginning of this year due to an economic downturn. Thanks to the Lord we are encouraged in a rather bleak situation. We have seen how He shields us from the storm, but beyond that He opens up new avenues. Presently Bill and I step out in faith by opening our own business.

God speaks to us and His Word revives us. Words we receive from God nourish the good hope inside of us and drive us forward. It is God’s good hope that lets us see beyond current circumstances and imagine a better future, a future worth living for, a future worth fighting for.

We need the Lord all the time, but especially when we are in distress – no doubt about it. The Lord is our refuge and strength in times of trouble and He is our vision in dark times. Hope is ignited when we embrace the Lord. The language of hope is prayer.

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