Proverbs 22:6: “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

Anybody who is a parent knows what happens when children are left to their own devices: nothing good comes out of it. That puts parents into a teaching position. Parents teach their children what they know. Since parents are in-house teachers, children get to not only hear their words but also see practical life applications. It’s a powerful witness for children to see their parents adhere to their own teaching.

Parents could not teach their children well, unless they themselves are taught well. The Holy Spirit is a wonderful teacher constantly speaking truth into our lives. Have you ever been on a crossroads and listened to that still small voice inside of you nudging you to do the right thing? That is God’s Spirit parenting us.

If there was a point in your life when you first realized who Jesus is, then this was revealed to you. Believers are receivers, and truth-receiving is a gift from God. Like any precious gift that we receive, we need to cherish it. By respecting the Holy Spirit we guard this precious gift. Conversely, if we ignore the Spirit of God long enough, that gift will be taken from us; and without God’s input our life quickly becomes bad news.

God wants us to find the truth. He has exponentially grown a movement that started with a famous few. When Jesus walked this earth He revealed Heaven’s Kingdom to us. Jesus taught His contemporaries well, and His legacy continues on.

Getting to know the Lord is the beginning of a very good story. Personally delivered, our loved ones are the first to read us. If we are no parents we are still teachers. Perhaps unbeknownst to us our life story has many teaching moments. We touch lives and change the world for the better when we follow God’s voice. That’s what the Lord hopes for placing the seeds of His teaching in us and that’s what parents hope for placing the seeds of their teaching in their children.

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