Born in California and reared in Germany, Evelyn’s interest in the cross-cultural experience and love for foreign languages was awakened. In 2001 she returned to the US and got married to the love of her life, Bill Snyder. Bill was born in Michigan and grew up in Indiana. He pursued a career in the audiovisual business and has managed AV at corporate live events first in San Diego, CA and currently in Phoenix, AZ.

Songwriting was Bill and Evelyn’s first love. Together they published their first album in 2012: Psalms in Song for the Nations, with scriptures set to music. Their second album was recorded in 2019: The Light of Christmas, with their original Christmas songs. Last but not least, Headed for a Smile was published in 2021. The couple considers all of their creative exploits adventures and monuments of their marriage.

Evelyn started her daily blog “Thought of the Day”in 2016, followed by the weekly blog “Scriptures Forever” in 2021, which became the precursor to her first book: His Story.

And so here we are …