Romans 12:4-5: “Just as our bodies have many parts and each part has a special function, so it is with Christ’s body. We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other.”

We talk about an organization in terms of a body. Even the word “organization” has the root-word: “organ” in it, referring to body parts. So, we are quite familiar with the metaphorical use of the word “body”. However, Christ’s body as a metaphorical reference represents more than an organization. It represents unification overcoming separation.

One way to summarize the human condition outside of Eden is our constant quest of trying to cope with the trauma of separation. We got kicked out of Eden for a reason, and it was devastating. Dealing with increasing estrangement from God and ongoing frictions between humans, we have become accustomed to the fact that humanity is divided in itself and separated from God. Relationships are broken. We don’t know it any other way, and we can’t even remember how it used to be, when God and humanity used to be an item – and yet, that’s the natural way to be: God and humanity do belong together. God and humanity are supposed to be an item, just as much as body parts belong to one body.

From Day One, or maybe even before Day One of our life after Eden, the Trinity had one sole mission in mind: to save humanity and restore their lost relationship.  In pursuit of this mission, Jesus, a member of the Trinity, became human. He walked in our shoes and burdened Himself with our burdens, and died the worst possible way: a criminal’s death. After being executed by the Roman authorities of His day, Jesus’ body was put in a rich man’s grave. Leaving that grave three days later, He left us a legacy.

While Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is an astounding miracle, His coming back to life is not only a medical miracle of reviving a mortal body but also humanity’s only chance of reconciliation with the Trinity. Jesus’ resurrection is destined to revive us and set us free. The damage done in Eden had been addressed and absorbed by Jesus’ willingness to take our punishment. That’s why He didn’t die an ordinary death. He died a sacrificial death and went through extraordinary pain to redeem a hopeless situation and to resurrect a dead relationship between God and mankind.

So, through Jesus the door to Eden reopened for us; embracing this astounding truth we come full circle, back to the way how it used to be: happily united with our Creator. We belong to God; separated from Him we become lifeless limbs. Reconnected with Him we are alive and well, through the power of God’s love.

The body of Christ keeps growing every single day with every new believer added to the family of God.  The body of Christ is certainly a shining testimony of one of God’s finest miracles!

“Hope raises its head in the end; life has changed since I know: Jesus, You love me, my Redeemer, my Friend.” (Song lyrics Bill & Evelyn Snyder)