Romans 11:33: “Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!”

Are all mysteries solved? Ask any scientist, and they will tell you “no”. There is always stuff to learn and new things to discover. That’s the happy side effect of living in a God-created universe.

God comes in layers. After all, God is Trinity. When people meet God, it’s on God’s terms. He reveals what He wants to reveal. For me, I had a meeting with God the Father when He revealed Himself to me. It’s what I needed most. But it didn’t stop there. That’s one beautiful layer of God. Walking with Him, I get to peel back more and more layers. I’ve learned to appreciate the Holy Spirit and I’ve encountered the Son of God, Jesus. Peeling back layer after layer, I’ve come to find out, there are always more layers to the Almighty One. Never be afraid to dig deeper! Even though there’s no end to the digging, getting to know God is the most thrilling experience I know.

The same goes with exploring our world. Everything God created comes in layers. Digging into the micro cosmos and macro cosmos, there is no end to scientific discoveries. Literally, the sky is the limit! Obviously, God is limitless, endless, timeless, and impossible to fathom – so is His creation. However, we are encouraged to dig. We are encouraged to discover. Ultimately, we discover His foot prints everywhere. Every stone has His signature. Every leaf carries His thumbprint.

God may be mysterious, but He is no introvert. He does not hold back His blessings. He gave us His Son so we can find Him. On the other hand, God is no extrovert either. He spreads His hints everywhere, but He is not in plain sight. We need to look for Him to find Him.

I encourage you to go out and seek Him. God can be found. You will discover that finding Him is the adventure of a lifetime.