Isaiah 64:4: “For since the world began, no ear has heard and no eye has seen a God like you, who works for those who wait for him!”

Who likes to wait? Oh boy! My middle name is Impatience. We actually have a family member who is named – not Impatience – but Patience, and I often thought if I was named Patience it would take more than a lifetime to live up to that name. I tend to make rash decisions, just to get it over with. I don’t wait, I rather act. If I have to wait and there is no other way, then soon I feel stuck and get depressed. That’s how I’m wired. I like results. I like to see. I don’t like mystery.

Well, if you feel like that, then I have bad news for you: God is mysterious. One minute He is gloriously near, the other minute we look for Him and He seems to have vanished. We expect Him to show up in some way, and all we hear is silence. We have to bide our time and wait.

Isaiah went through a situation like that. In his book he wrote (Isaiah 63:19-Isaiah 64:1):

“Sometimes it seems as though we never belonged to you,
    as though we had never been known as your people. 
Oh, that you would burst from the heavens and come down!
    How the mountains would quake in your presence!”

In other words: “Please, God, do something, will you?”

There is no way that our finite minds are big enough to wrap around the intricate details of our infinite God, but there is one thing we do know about Him: He is good. We have to trust Him on that.

Here is another way to look at it: God could never be boring! It takes all eternity to get to know Him. We have subscribed to a discovery channel of a very special kind when we walk with God, and we will continue to discover all sorts of delightful details about Him. If life is a journey, eternity certainly is too. I personally think life is a wild ride – so many ups and downs all the while dealing with a mysterious God. Oh yeah! Welcome to God’s world!

In many ways our relationship with God reminds me of a relationship between a man and a woman. There is a lot of mystery going on between the two. Girls often scratch their heads and don’t quite understand what is going on in a guy’s mind. And guys have the same to say about girls. Even as we get married, a portion of the mystery remains. Nobody is completely predictable. Why? God made us and we carry some of His mystery in our genes. Yep, God is mysterious, and so are we!

There is a time for everything“, the Bible says – so, if it is time to wait, that’s what we’ll have to do. We know that God will come through in His own good time.

Psalm 62:1: “I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him.”

The other day, I had to wait 50 minutes on the phone to get connected and speak with a representative. If somebody tells me to wait, I know I have to equip myself with patience.

The mindset of wanting (and nearly getting) everything “RIGHT NOW” is what the Urban Dictionary calls a “Microwave society”:

“Microwaves cook foods faster, our society wants everything faster. We are a Microwave Society.”

Technology has made gathering or sending information extremely fast and we’ve begun to think that everything in life should be available on demand. No more waiting for a television program – now there’s ‘Television on Demand”, where we decide what to watch and when to watch it. Another coined word is “snail mail” versus “email”. The postal service is struggling because everyone wants their information right now. Letters are out, emails are in. Actually, emails are no longer in, texting is. If we want immediate attention (in most cases we do), texting is the more common approach. Since people carry their phones with them, chances are, they will open the message sooner. Emails are now the new snail mail.

Sounds a bit pathetic, doesn’t it? Are we aware of how impatient we have become?

Some things, actually a lot of things that matter to us, don’t come on demand. We have to make that distinction between a need that is met by push of a button versus a need of something that cannot be met momentarily. We know what that “something” is that we find is worth waiting for.

Obviously, there is no button pushing involved when it comes to engaging with the Almighty. Also with people the success of button pushing is short-lived. We will strain our relationships if we keep it up. Impatience can literally destroy relationships.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to just step out the door and witness some scenery. Nature runs its cycles. Flowers bloom and trees grow fruit in certain seasons, flocks of birds fly in and leave when their time comes. It’s a good reminder that our lives go through certain seasons.  Be aware and appreciate the season you are in, right now. There is a reason for every season.

Getting in touch with the Almighty is as basic a need – similar to stepping outside to take a break. We need to get out of the box. We are born to be free. Don’t get enslaved by your own life. Don’t get rushed by demand. Take the liberty to take a time out. Stand aside and wait for the Lord. You’ll be surprised.

Well I think it’s fine, building jumbo planes
Or taking a ride on a cosmic train
Switch on summer from a slot machine
Yes, get what you want to if you want
Cause you can get anything

I know we’ve come a long way
We’re changing day to day
But tell me, where do the children play?

(Yusuf Islam, aka Cat Stevens)